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WonderGlow Nail Polish
Check out WonderGlow's glow-in-the-dark nail polish!
WonderGlow provides the strongest and longest glowing nail polish available
WonderGlow has many applications:
-key chains
-fishing gear
-car & house keys
-light switches
-safety equipment
Many of us are fascinated with glow in the dark objects. The majority of these objects are coated with Zinc sulfide, a crystalline material that was discovered shortly after World War II and remains in wide use today. Unfortunately, the "glowing" effects of Zinc sulfide last for less than an hour. WonderGlow is an exciting new varnish containing pigments that employ a futuristic technology with a superior crystal that absorbs much more light and releases that light over a longer period of time than Zinc sulfide.

Originally marketed as a "glow-in-the-dark" nail polish, the manufacturers of WonderGlow soon realized the hundreds of other uses of this truly fun and amazing new product. The new product now comes in a one ounce bottle. Some of the applications include fishing gear, light switches, car and house keys, safety equipment, decorations and much more.

WonderGlow Nail Polish
For the ultimate in nighttime nail polish, turn to WonderGlow
By utilizing the same technology as WonderGlow varnish, WonderGlow Nail Polish will out-glow any competitor.

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